General Information

 Following some recent developments to Terex Media, as constant requests have been made on me using a track, beat or song.I have decided to start doing a shoutout for beatmakers, artists and producers.

The proposal is simple;
1. A selected beat/track will be featured as the intro song to my next video. 
2. The video will start off by giving you a shoutout and talking briefly about your content (You can also give specifics on what should be mentioned).
3. The same song/beat would be used as an outro for the video.
4. An Instagram story will be made with said song/beat (At least 1 post).
5. Payment for this will be USD 50 per song/beat. 
6. Payment is made only through PayPal.
7. Beat/track would only be used after payment has been received.
8. Understand that videos would be released on a first come first serve basis, but priority can be given if requested. 

- Channel has about One thousand eight hundred and seventy subscribers (This figure is subject to change). 
- Videos on the channel get at least One thousand views, with the highest video ranking over ten thousand views. 
- Understand that this is not a one-time promo, as the videos are forever on YouTube.
- if at any time the video would be taken down, a refund would be made to the owner. - Instagram followers are over ten thousand and still growing.  
- By using the right location and hashtags, the story will get significant views.

Questions and more information can be provided upon request.

Instagram and Email are good places to reach me.
@lifeofterex and
Let me know if you're interested in this service.